The Budder Chef was created in 2018 by Adam Barski with a focus in Cannabis Culinary Arts; a relatively new concept of combining high level cookery with Cannabis as an elevating ingredient.

Meet Adam Barski

The Budder Chef

Red Seal Certified Chef – Cooking and Baking since 2004

Working with Cannabis as an ingredient since 2007

“Thanks for coming to The Budder Chef website!


I have spent many years researching Cannabis; learning about its beneficial properties and perfecting the art of incorporating/infusing all the plants’ compounds into foods.  As a result, I have been dubbed one of Canada’s leading Cannabis Chefs.


Currently I hold the position of Culinary Director at The High-End Dinner Series where we put on public, and private, Cannabis events with an educational focus.


I believe there are many benefits to consuming Cannabis and I am making it my mission to share everything I have come to learn over the years using The Budder Chef website as a platform to do that.”

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