My name is Adam Barski and I am foremost a professional Chef.  Combining my skills with my passion for Cannabis and The Budder Chef  was born.  Conceptualized to bring infused food into the mainstream.  No more grocery store boxed brownie mix.  I want to show that today, anything is possible.  From the simplest treats to the most complicated recipes, there’s a way to infuse it all!  And not just for recreational use.  Cannabis holds within it so many beneficial properties that we are able to unlock today more than ever before.

But the story goes deeper.

How it began

My relationship with Cannabis started at a younger age. (I don’t condone the underage use of Cannabis, but the truth is many stories start similarly.) From the beginning I was a supporter of the plant’s many beneficial properties. I spent a lot of time researching the plant, learning as much as I could. After many years of regular use I chose to enter a hiatus, until a pivotal event would bring me back to rebuilding a relationship with Cannabis in an even more meaningful way.

Out of compassion

A very good friend of mine fell ill one day and was quarantined in a hospital. Upon release they were left with a substantial loss of weight, a list of prescription medicines, and a large hole in the lung. My friend approached me about using Cannabis to aid in their recovery – helping to gain an appetite, sleep, mitigate the side effects of the medicines etc. But with that hole in the lung inhalation was not an option, so we looked into edibles. This was the moment I concentrated my research and experimentation on making cleaner, higher quality goods.

Where it took me

As the years go by I am continually progressing my skills as a Chef and working with Cannabis as an ingredient. When the day comes that Canada announces their plan to legalize Cannabis. This is when I decide to take a step into the mainstream. I showcased my goods at the Vancouver April 20th 4:20 demonstration and they were an instant hit. I kept moving forward and eventually met The Stolbie Sisters, which lo and behold were looking for a Cannabis Chef to be a part of their operations at The High-End Dinner. I jumped aboard and we’ve since executed numerous infused events ranging from fine dining dinners to casual movie nights.


Covid-19 changed everything.  All bookings and planned events were put on hold.  But it wasn’t all bad.  This gave us an opportunity to pivot.  We were able to focus on creating even more content to share over the internet.  We’ve partnered with many different entities to release informative content.  From media companies, news outlets, legal producers and more.  Our content is now being seen from avenues all across the web.

To see all the great stuff coming out just follow the necessary accounts on all the social media platforms.