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The Ingredients

“To create the best product possible you must start with the best ingredients possible.”



Even the best flours found in high-end grocery stores are loaded with additives to ensure they can sit on the shelves for extended periods without going bad.

Therefore, we only uses 100% fresh milled grains.  Provided by local producers: Flourist, orders are taken in advance and the highest quality organic heirloom grains are milled and packaged same day as pickup, or delivery.


Do you actually know how long those eggs you buy at the grocery store have been sitting around since they were layed going into your shopping cart?

Luckily there are lots of sources of gorgeous local high quality eggs.  Stony Mountain and Goldwing are just a couple farms providing wonderful fresh eggs.

P.S. The eggs pictures were purchased just 1 week after their lay date.


By now most people know that sugar isn’t good for you.  But what would a treat be if it was unsweetened entirely?  We’re not sure,  probably not good!

That’s why we only use the best, minimally processed, sugars and sweetener alternatives we can find.

Unpasturized honey from local producers.  Sugar that is organic, raw unrefined.  And we formulate our recipes with the sweet component in mind – reducing the amount of added sugars as much as possible without compromising on the amount of delicious!