A company event catered by The Budder Chef is a great way to maintain morale.  Whether it’s a Launch Party, Delivered Meals or a full on Event we are ready to accommodate.

How It Works

Step 1

Request a quote or contact us with event specifications.

Step 2

To have a compliant infused experience, the client must provide the legally obtained Cannabis to be shared with their guests.

(events may be done not infused)

Step 3

Once a release form is signed and an event quote is agreed upon, our team of professionals will get to work providing the best experience possible!

Sample Menus


Number of Guests

From intimate to large numbers, The Budder Chef is fully capable to accommodate your specifications.

Casual or Upscale

From Casual to Upscale Fine-Dining, The Budder Chef  is fully versed in all levels of cookery.

Types of Events

Store Launch Parties – are you opening a new store and would like a catered launch party?

Meal Delivery – are you looking for an affordable option for pre-packaged meals delivered to your facility or office?

Staff Appreciation – are you looking to boost, or maintain your staff morale?

Other Offerings – | BBQ | Buffet | Chef & Drink Stations | Multi-Course Meal | Canapes | Platters | and more…

Something Special

With so many event variations, offerings and The Budder Chef’s commitment to delivering the best experience possible, together we can stylize an event to match your needs.  Contact us today to discuss!

Extra Charges may apply for items such as, but not limited to:

* Delivery

* Venue

* Rentals

* Travel Expense (outside of home city)

* Room & Board (outside of home city)

Request a Quote

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How Is It Legal?

The Budder Chef does not sell any form of Cannabis. 

Forms will be signed to protect all parties involved.

Monitary exchange is for The Budder Chef services only.

For your information: Canadian Cannabis Act.