The Budder Chef is proud to introduce a unique service of producing Edibles in a law abiding manner.

Whether you’re looking for CBD, THC or a combination of both, allergen-free, keto, paleo, low FODMAP, low dose or high dose and everything in between.  The Budder Chef is fully knowledgeable and capable of curating the perfect product to meet your requirements.

How It Works

Step 1

A quick consultation to reiterate the legal disclaimer and zero in on the right product for you.

Step 2

You supply the legally obtained Cannabis.

Step 3

Our Red Seal Certified expert Cannabis Chef will prepare the goods curated to your specifications.

How It’s Legal

The Budder Chef does not sell any form of Cannabis.  This is the first step in ensuring compliance.

Monitary exchange is for The Budder Chef services only. As per Canadian law it is perfectly legal to share Cannabis.