My name is Adam Barski. First and foremost I am a professional Chef.  Being able to transform raw ingredients into something entirely different is a skill I am grateful to have. Secondly, I have a great passion for Cannabis. I believe the Cannabis plant is full of beneficial properties. The Budder Chef is a personal brand coinciding with infusing my culinary craft with Cannabis. Here I share my story in detail of how The Budder Chef came to be.

The Beginning

My relationship with Cannabis started at a fairly young age.  (I don’t condone the underage use of Cannabis, but the truth is many stories start similarly.) From the beginning of discovering Cannabis I was a supporter of the plant’s many beneficial properties.  I spent quite a lot of time researching Cannabis, learning as much as I could. After some years I chose to enter a hiatus, lasting about 5 years, until a pivotal moment happened that would bring me back to rebuilding this relationship with Cannabis.


A good friend of mine fell ill and was quarantined in a hospital. Upon release they were left with a substantial loss of weight, a list of prescription medicines and a large hole in the lung.  My friend approached me about using Cannabis to aid their recovery – helping to gain an appetite, sleep, and mitigate the side effects of the medicines. But with that hole in the lung inhalation was not an option, so we looked into edibles. This was the moment I concentrated my research and experimentation on making cleaner, better tasting, higher quality goods.

Level Up

The years go by as I am continually progressing my skills as a Chef and a ‘Cannabis Chef’. Then the Canadian government announces their plan to legalize Cannabis. So I decided to take it to the next level.  I showcased my goods at the Vancouver April 20th 4:20 demonstration. They were an instant hit.  I knew I was onto something and the next day I registered “Budder Bakery”.  With a small injection of capital I was able to get the ‘bakery’ looking professional.  Shortly after, Budder Bakery was asked to attend an invite-only event.  This is when and where I met The Stolbie Sisters, which lo and behold were looking for a Cannabis Chef to be a part of their operations at The High-End Dinner Series. I immediately jumped aboard and we executed numerous infused events ranging from fancy dinners to casual movie nights.

The Present

Coming into this space has resulted in us being featured in newspaper publications, podcasts, online content and more.  Today we are working closely with LP’s (legal producers) and ancillary companies, to bridge the gap between the legal market and the commoner.  Education around Cannabis is lacking in the mainstream and this is where we see the opportunity to step in and share with the world what we have come to learn about the plant and how it can help us.

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